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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Official Jobisez Blog: Decision Time: In-House or Leverage Existing EDI Technologies

The Official Jobisez Blog: Decision Time: In-House or Leverage Existing EDI Technologies

Monday, March 16, 2015

EDI VAN: Business Solution for Lower KC Rates

"EDI VAN Application Form

Jobisez LLC has an Alliance Agreement with an EDI Reseller of Tier-1 VAN Services and has a possible cost savings solution for you.

The Alliance Company commits to large quantities of VAN kilo-characters.  This commitment allows the VAR to obtain the lowest possible KC rate. This low KC rate is not generally obtained by SMBs.  The Alliance Company, then passes these savings onto you by applying the lower rates to your monthly bill. The end result is that your company obtains all of the benefits of an international Tier-1 VAN. (Yes, the same VANs that you are familiar with.) You obtain your own VAN mailbox with your own password, at a better price, without any of the cost disadvantages like large monthly minimums or long term contracts.

The monthly billing adheres to the Tiered Pricing Model.  Depending on your current KC rate, you could save significantly.  Even if your current solution has a similar KC rate, you still could save because you are not locked into monthly minimums during those months where your KC volume is low.  And this solution, also, does not have any long term contracts which you may already be locked into today using your current VAN provider.  This is simple, it is not complicated, basically, you pay for only what KC traffic you used during the previous month.

*Some examples of the Tiered Pricing Model are...
1. If you trade 10 MB a month, you pay 6 cents per KC.
2. If you trade 15 MB a month, you pay 5 cents per KC.
3. If you trade 20 MB a month, you pay 4 cents per KC.
4. The more you trade, the less you pay per KC.

If you are interested in knowing what you could be paying for your VAN bill, please visit this page, http://www.jobisez.com/solutions/edi-van/"

Friday, November 15, 2013

VAN Solution for SPS/Loren Data Customers

"Digital Movers VAN Solution for SPS Commerce / Loren Data Customers
"Digital Movers Route*EDI solution helps SPS Commerce connected companies achieve VAN continuance circumventing the GXS Loren Data disconnect!"
Mashpee, MA November 12, 2013:  Digital Movers (www.dmovers.com) publicly announced today the availability of a Value-Added-Network (VAN) solution to connect Retailers and Suppliers to SPS Commerce and their Trading community.
"The recent decision by GXS to discontinue interconnections with SPS Commerce through the Loren Data VAN will leave many retailers and their supply chain unable to communicate EDI data between themselves after March 4th, 2014. Route*EDI solves this problem quickly and efficiently letting our customers concentrate on their business," said Ken Konikowski, president, Digital Movers.  "Digital Movers Route*EDI Service solves all your EDI connectivity needs and does so at less cost than your current EDI Van provider!" 
 Digital Movers is one of the largest resellers of Tier 1 VAN Services from ALL the major Value Added Networks. Because we buy large quantities at wholesale prices, we can offer low per kilo-character rates with the simplest pricing program in the industry. You get YOUR OWN secure, dedicated mailbox and support services direct from the VAN and you get a lower bill from Digital Movers, with no monthly usage commitments. Simply pay us for what you use. 
Contact Digital Movers today for a free price quote."

Get EDI VAN Quote from Jobisez LLC

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

iTN Scheduled Maintenance - Saturday, May 5th, 3:00 PM PT

"*** Customer Service Bulletin ***
iTradeNetwork will be performing system maintenance on Saturday, May 5th, beginning at 3:00 PM Pacific Time and ending at 7:00 PM Pacific Time. The system will be unavailable for the majority of this maintenance window. We highly recommend that you finish any time-critical activities prior to the maintenance window and remain off of the site for its duration. All inbound and outbound integration transactions will be queued and processed when the maintenance window ends. FTP, AS1 and AS2 will also be unavailable during this maintenance.
Customers will get an email at the start and end of the maintenance so you will know when normal operations resume.

Important Note: iTradeNetwork OMS, Logistics and CaRMA in addition to Amphire and Instill services will be affected by this maintenance. In addition, during this maintenance window we will be conducting failover testing, so it is very important that users remain off the site during this maintenance timeframe. Please forward this announcement to any individuals within your organization who may be affected by this maintenance. If you have any questions regarding this announcement or the upcoming maintenance, please contact iTradeNetwork support at 925-660-1111.

Thank you,
iTradeNetwork Operations"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

nuBridges Introduces truExchange Collaboration Solutions

"ATLANTA, Feb. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- nuBridges, LLC today launched truExchange Collaboration Solutions, combining open source innovation and the cost efficiency of software as a service, to create an easy-to-use, highly scalable platform for supply and demand information exchange.

     truExchange Collaboration Solutions deliver on the promise of true eBusiness, closing the gap between supply and demand with technology that enables product and transaction data exchange - no matter the size, scope or format. It provides the real-time visibility up and down the entire supply chain that's necessary to improve competitive advantage, strengthen customer service and reduce overall costs.

     "eBusiness was supposed to make it easier to connect partners, but the cost and complexity of these initiatives have really held back the potential, even as the need for true business collaboration has greatly increased," said Tycho Howle, Chairman and CEO. "With our solution, an organization can focus on getting the right products, in the right place and at the right time - instead of chasing down invoices and orders or constantly having to change business processes."

     truExchange Collaboration Solutions give companies of all sizes flexible options to transfer data effectively, securely and quickly. With this offering, business partners can use the mode of connectivity they prefer - EDI-INT, EDI VAN, FTP or Web forms - supporting total supplier enablement and speeding the time to adoption. The delivery mechanism is completely transparent, ensuring that retailers, manufacturers and distributors have 100 percent visibility into all aspects of the supply chain process, without any compromise.

     Its automated business rules feature guarantees the fastest and most efficient processing of standard transactions, and ensures that exceptions are flagged and routed for immediate resolution. truExchange Collaboration Solutions also provide a real-time alert notification system that keeps partners ahead of procurement and fulfillment issues before there's an impact on business performance.

     Driving Value and Efficiency within Partner Networks
     nuBridges' approach to supply chain collaboration provides a cooperative forum to conduct business that enhances real-time supply chain visibility, fulfillment performance, scorecarding and business analytics.  Its truExchange Collaboration Solutions can be leveraged in a variety of ways to streamline supply chain processes, including:

      - Real-time Drop Ship Management: With the continued growth of online
        purchasing, retailers are looking to drop ship management solutions to
        recognize revenue faster and improve customer service. This solution
        provides retailers with the ability to respond quickly to demand
        fluctuations and protect themselves from stock-outs or inventory
        surpluses by simply redirecting shipments based on consumer needs.

      - Advanced Automation & Robust Reporting for Electronic Invoicing
        Payments. With the proliferation of non-standardized invoices coupled
        with the inability to automate the payment process, large organizations
        are looking to increase productivity and contain costs. nuBridges'
        Collaboration Solutions offers enhanced audit capabilities to address
        increasing compliance requirements, including Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX),
        while streamlining internal processes and seamlessly integrating
        existing accounting software.

     About nuBridges
     nuBridges, LLC offers products and services to integrate, connect and manage business trading communities cost-effectively and efficiently. Our electronic bridges allow companies to link with their suppliers and customers to exchange critical business information in real-time in any format. The industry pioneers and visionaries of the nuBridges' team bring an expansive depth and breadth of experience to help companies do more with less in adaptive eBusiness environments. Providing affordable, agile and seamless electronic business solutions is our commitment to customers-exceeding their expectations is our goal. For more information, visit

SOURCE  nuBridges, LLC"