Thursday, May 26, 2011

GXS: Announcing BizManager Application Suite v3.3

"Dear GXS BizManager Customer,
GXS is very pleased to announce the new release of BizManager Application Suite v3.3 was made generally available on May 17, 2011. This represents a suite-wide release for BizManager—BizLink, BizConnect, BizManager400 and SecureLink are all included.

Release Highlights:

BizManager Application Suite v3.3 brings many enhancements including:

  • Application Integrator Integration—BizLink/BizConnect Pro and Application Integrator will use a queue to communicate pre and post-translated documents while sharing common file system access.Translation events, both success and failures, will be reported in a consolidated, end-to-end audit trail within the Biz UI.  Both applications will remain separately installed, administrated and configured, and will be supported with Application Integrator 5.3.
  • SecureLink and BizManager Integration—SecureLink configuration, and administration will be fully integrated within the BizManager UI, including leveraging BizManager’s comprehensive user and certificate management. A single BizManager instance will be able to administrate all of the SecureLink instances deployed within an enterprise.
  • Unicode Data Support—Enabling the processing of non-English documents containing multi-byte characters, BizManager 3.3.0 has added the ability to process multi-byte characters including wrapping/unwrapping,  document splitting, document type detection and offset lengths.
  • MySQL support—Extending BizLink’s database support and making cloud service deployment more inexpensive.
  • BizConnect to BizLink Upgrade—BizConnect users who have outgrown the desktop application’s trading partner or transactional limitations will be able to upgrade to the scalable, HA-supporting BizLink application while retaining their BizConnect configuration and transactional history. Upgrades to MySQL will be immediately available, support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and DB2 to be available soon.
  • Party-Specific Data Aging and Archiving—Individual trading partner retention period requirements can be supported for increased compliance with storage efficiency.
For More Information
Full release notes for the BizManager 3.3—BizLink, BizConnect, BizManager400 and SecureLink can be accessed on the BizManager Community page via your customer portal:

If you have any questions regarding this release, please contact your GXS Customer Manager at +1-877-446-6847, Option 4, or by email at

Best Regards, 

Peter Corliss
Product Manager

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  1. They have taken great products are have produced bastardized version which fail to measure up.